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DiRPG | Accepted Breeds List
This list holds all of the breeds that are allowed within the group. Whether your horse is a mix of multiple or purebred, these breeds are accepted. Please note that his list might not be completed. If you have any breed suggestions, PLEASE comment below with them and also if you could, give a brief, small bit of information on the breed(s) you think we should allow! If you do not recognize a breed, feel free to google and read up on it! Keep in mind that breeds have standard builds, accepted colors, accepted markings, etc. Keep this in mind when you're adding a mix to your horses!
American Quarter Horse
American Paint Horse
Australian Stock Horse
Banker Horse
Carolino Marsh Tacky
Florida Cracker Horse
Cleveland Bay
Canadian Sport Horse
Dutch Warmblood
Iberian Warmblood
Selle Francais
Swedish Warmblood
American SaddlebredArabianKentucky Mountain Saddle
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Eagle Creek's Spring Hunt
Running: NOW thru May 21st, 2017
Event Type: (Fox)Hunting
Class/Classes: Traditional / Digital
Restrictions: None.
Quick and Dirty Rules
Bullet; Red All horse breeds welcome!
Bullet; Orange All-ages.
Bullet; Yellow Art must be made by you for this show. No reusing entries or commissioned artwork allowed.
Bullet; Green You can enter as many times as you'd like, one horse per image.
Bullet; Blue No pre-registration necessary.
Bullet; Purple No premade lineart or photomanipulations. Photo-backgrounds are acceptable if you did something to it. If you just slapped your animal onto a photo, you will be docked points.
Bullet; Red Tracing is acceptable, if properly referenced and allowed by the stock provider.
Bullet; Orange Entries are
:iconshekeira:shekeira 11 6
SPRING EVENT | Catch and Release
It's that time of year again when the humans get a bit too involved in the lives of the herds. It's called "catch and release" This time of the year; usually in the spring, the humans come down to the herd's territory to scope out the mares and studs. They'll send out lure mares and yearling to trick the horses into following them and once they follow them into the yellow mesh, it's game over. The point of their game? Find the finest mares and studs to bring to their farms for breeding stock. You must survive; stay away from the humans and trust no one but be on the lookout! The humans often release other horses into the wild. Some are kind while others are dangerous. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked for any sound. It could mean finding a new family member or winding up in a barn. The humans only care about two things; pretty colors and strong builds. Don't fall for the little tricks they pull. Watch out for the pretty mares that have the tags or halters. Keep your eyes out
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Group Rules
Basic Rules:
Respect other players and staff/admins. In Character (IC) fights and quarrels are fine, but you should not be fighting with other members Out Of Character (OOC).
If you have questions or concerns about the group, do not contact the admins or any staff members on their personal accounts, whether it be deviantArt, Skype, or some other form of account. Unless you are in an RP with them, all queries are to be sent in a note to the group.
No “sparkle” horses allowed. Realism and semi-realism are highly encouraged. To read about what we do and do not permit, please visit our Character Guidelines here.
All art must be your own, no pre-made templates, bases, and/or linearts. This is an art and RP group, after all! Your character can be adopted or made from a horse maker like DolphyDolphiana’s, but you are required to draw the character yourself.
In regards to
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1000+ Points Padro Giveaway
:new: Slots now give +1 tickets with a cap of 15, joker card added

I have no life and this have been in the making for months by now.
Fall leaf - F2U There are many prizes and yes, there will be more than one winner. If you already won a prize, you cannot win again, gotta make it fair to for everyone. Highlight prizes include: Monster custom, 8+ customs, point prizes and art. More prizes to come with enough donations or if I have some extra points laying around. Fall leaf - F2U 
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! The giveaway will run from March 8 2017 to April 8 2017
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Winners will be completely random. Proof will be posted along side winners.
My Purple Bullet - F2U! Winners must reply within 24 hours of winning to redeem their prize. Fai
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Metalleia Breed Sheet :iconrilayabelacqua:RilayaBelacqua 10 10 Free to use Lineart - Fleur de Lys Portrait :icondarya87:Darya87 229 44 Free to Use Lineart - Warmblood Side :icondarya87:Darya87 108 16 Free To Use Lineart Gypsy Vanner 2017 :icondarya87:Darya87 194 18
because, I love a lot of things <3
and I love to see art or stories people put their hearts into



my last part of a trade to newvoh ! sorry it took so long! ugh, i feel like a jerk DX 
anyways heres 

AsS A182 Mint Condition 

Honey I'm Good|event|Leo
Random Event!
It seems that during your claiming attempts, another mare has showed up but she's wearing a collar. She's really pretty though! You:
  A] go speak to her. she's pretty it can't hurt.
  B] ignore her. you don't want any part of that
Leo don't want none of that!!
Main Quest| Wanna Join Me?| Leo
The buck takes a shine to you, looking up to you with soft eyes. He seems to have taken a liking to you. You ask him about his herd but he was chased out. You:

A]Ask the young Elk buck to join your herd.
B] Shoo him away.

Leo sat next to the bull elk. He was so much smaller then the stallion do to age. Flicking his ears the horse thought for a minute. Bull,as the elk called him self, said his herd kicked him out. with no herd the young animal would be easy prey.

snorting softly Leo nodded his head. "Join the herd Bull?" He half asked half stated. The grey nodded his head watching the elk with a keen look in his eyes. They both needed a friend, so it wouldn't hurt.


 DIRPG|Leo| Lead Stallion  trying to get this Pregnant Mare 3


Leo was moving in a quite way around the forest. His ears every pricked and eyes watchful as he moved. It had been told that man was in the forest. Men with dogs and horses that acted as if they had no will of their own. 

The stallion could remember his mother telling him of her life before the wild. Of man and their ways. The hard things put into the horses mouths that made them do as they where told. The saddles, the whips..The ropes.. Leo shook his head. The thought of humans trapping a horses and taking it away, even if it was a jerk of a horse, was....wrong. 

A chill ran up his spine when he thought he smelled what his brain would call human. But he shook it away. No dumb dumb. That was the smell of a deer. Ugh.

Still walking every slowly Leo moved in to the trees. Being a tall grey horse he had some trouble hiding him self  in such a dark place. He often was thought of as a ghost looking horse. 
Leo was moving out into a small place where a little pool of water was known to be. 

The stallion was about to go out of the trees when he pricked his ears. The sound of another walking. A deep breath.Then from out of the tree line, a Amber Champagne mare with  Sabino Overo markings came out. Her gut was large and round with that of a foal. 

Tipping his head Leo wondered why a mare in such a state would be out in the wild alone. Did man put her out here? Slowly the stallion stepped out of the trees. The mare looked up and gasped a little. As if Leo had made her jump. 

"I'm Sorry. I didn't mean to make you jump." He said in a soft voice waling forward to the water and looking up at the mare. Her amber eyes looked the stallion up and down. 

"I'm sure." A bitter note sounded from the mare. Taking a sip of water the stallion snorted. "Well then." The mare watched Leo for a minute more before moving closer to the waters edge. She too sipped from the cool water and sighed. 
Picking his head up Leo nodded to her large gut. 

"If you don't mind me asking. Wheres you're herd? Stallion?" The Amber mare snorted picking her own head up and swishing her tail. "Gone. Me...Uh herd is gone." She asked as if she had no idea what to say. 

"Your a human's horse. Are you not?" Leo stated to the mare. It wasn't like any mare he had ever known to just walk around with out a herd and in foal. Besides an odd smell was on her. One he hadn't smelled before. 

Pinning her ears the mare snorted. "I-I...Yes." She didn't hang her head low. She didn't shy away. She gave the grey a grumpy look. "What theres nothing wrong with being a humans horse!" She whinnied with a snort. 

Leo's ears pined. "I didn't say anything wrong with it!!" He snorted back, trying to keep his voice low. The amber mare snorted swishing her tail and kicking her gut, like most mares so heavy in foal would do. 

Swishing his own tail Leo looked at the mare. "Whats it like? The humans? I've heard their...Bad." He didn't wanna get her all upset again. With a snort the mare shook out her long main.

"their not bad! They feed you, water you and let you live in herds."

"But they let a stallion lose with you then dump you out here..." He didn't add that he thought she was a trap. The amber mare shook her head. "Its not like that you see. Oh never mind wild horses would never understand." 

With a chuckle Leo shook his head again. "No I wouldn't be able to." The mare shook out her hair again. 
"Hey, i know its hard out here. Being alone and all. Let me walk you to a safe place for you to rest." The mares tried eyes looked at the stallion with a glint. " Alright." She said slowly. 

Leo nodded and turned. He was a good stallion. He didn't want anyone to get hurt. A mare in foal was something a stallion would run after, or run down. 

As they walked the grey horse had to slow his speed for the heavy mare. Her breath was coming in hard rasp from the weight she had to carry. Feeling a little bold Leo turned his head to bump her neck.

"Almost there." He told her in a soft tone of voice. The mare nodded and kept on walking. They came to a small cave made of trees all falling into each other. Soft earth made up the floor as the trees(still very much alive) hid the sun from hitting who ever stayed in the cave.

"Is it safe?" The mare asked in a odd tone. " Yes it is." Leo told her walking in and then walking out of the trees to show her. "I've been here a couple times in my travelings. " The mare nodded and walking into the tree cave. She let out a grunt as she lay down. Her large sides making it hard. 

Leo nodded his head again ." Theres a small water hole not far off. Lots of grass and a place to stay you should be fine." He didn't wanna risk staying around a humans horse for to long. Even if she was pretty and in foal..and the wild.

Looking back at the mare Leo sighed. He couldn't believe he was gonna try this. " If you want, and i don't mind , i could stay here to make sure your be ok? From other stallions, wild dogs. Things like that." 

The mare snorted. Was that a yes or no??
word count: 982
Skrill Swag
Thats right, i said SWAG. I had this cute idea in my head for days and i really wanted to draw something for IrishAly :3 sooooo heres our skirlls Amp(left) and Striker(right) 
Please note i did this in the car and i tots only kind of knew what 
Striker's colors where but i thought it was cute anyways and ya XD 

But heres the boys, being dumb butts and all swaged out XD 
Clash Of The Gods| Stallions sparing |Leo VS.Nerve
stallions  sparing : Leo(The Grey TB) and Nerve the chestnut stallion.

I really wanted to do them fighting in a river but there wasn't one XD 

RIP colors because of the app i used today! DX 

Who will win? (i mean really i don't even know ) 

DIRPG|Leo| Lead Stallion

DiRPG || Nerve || Lead Stallion
stock used:…

Main Quest| Don't you worry child| Leo
Taking shelter under the trees from the pelting rain, you and the mares shake your coats dry of water. The loud rolls of thunder frighten some of your herd but you assure them that they're fine. Settling in closer to the tree you find a scared young Elk buck, you:
A] Shelter the buck with you.
B] Chase the buck away
Leo was happy to hid under the trees.The grey stallion was about to bed down when he heard a snap. Tur ing his head Leo was met with large soft brown eyes. The owner to said eyes was a young bull elk.He couldn't be more then a year! his antlers where still small and in Velvet.

Leo at first pined his ears. unsure of this animal. When it stepped closer the stallion could see he wasn't to big. the elk was way below his shoulders. "Please sire. Can I stay here? " the bull asked. Leo snort and eyed the animal. "who are you? where is you're herd?"

the elk dipped his head. "ran off by humans some time ago. I've been trying go find them but with no luck." the stallion tipped his head up and snorted. humans.

the horse him self felt bad for the elk. He missed his old herd. the soft whinnies of his family. with a shack of his head Leo nodded. "you may stay as long as you like."

it wasn't to long before Leo and the elk lay down by each other for warmth. Leo soon found the elks name was Bull. as they sat under the trees from the storm Leo snorted."Bull seeing as you have no herd,and its hard being alone why don't you join me? I mean we could look for your herd and all." the young elk nodded his head.

"I wouldn't mind that." with a chuckle Leo nodded."welcome to the herd then. " the herd of two.

Chuckling a little, the buck eventually decides he's willing to help you. lowering his large head, he offers his antlers to you. Do you;

[A] Grab a hold of them and ask him to pull?
[B] Grab a hold and begin pulling yourself out without hesitation?
Leo waited for the bull to think it over and at last was happy to see he would help him.
The bull lowered his head and waited as the grey horse put his front legs over the top of the antlers. Ok...This could work. 

"Ok. So now i need you to start pulling me." Leo said to the elk."I'll try t kick off with my hooves and see if i can't kick out of here with your help." 

The bull elk nodded and waited. 
Leo again hoped this worked. He was just about done with being trapped in a mud hole. With a sigh he watched his front legs. The elk had large antlers but they where sharp. If he wasn't careful he could poke him self. With a snort He watched the large animal.

It was getting late in the day. The sun was making its way down to the lower part of the sky. Gosh had he been trapped here all day? ugh. Leo really wanted to get don with this and gt moving. 

"Thanks for helping out. I thought i would be trapped here." He told the elk who chuckled. "Well i've seen a lot of things but this is really a first. " Pinning his ears Leo sighed. "That so?" He asked trying to make small talk. 

"Yup. " He stated. "So whats your name?" Leo asked feeling a bit odd. 
"Bucky. I know. I'm a bull elk but talk to my mom about that name."

Leo chuckled and shook his head. "I'm Leo, nice to meet you Bucky." The bull snorted and waited for a minute. Was he gonna pull Leo out? He hoped so.
what will happen to Leo? i'm no joke worried now. my child.
Main Quest|Run with the rain |Leo
You have chosen to go in the South direction! You start travelling South but seem to be interrupted by the rumbling distance rolls of thunder, still a distance away though. Rain is ever so softly falling from the sky but the clouds approaching are black as night, might be safe to find some shelter. You;

A] Head to the trees close by for shelter. 
B] Fasten you pace & continue on your way. 
Leo had slowed his speed down to a walk in the plains. He was walking along when he first heard it. The sound of a thunderstorm. It rumbled about as the dark clouds started to sweep over the grass lands. 

Leo pined his ears at first to the sound. The large dark clouds moved like a wolf going in for the kill. And with them they had the beating rain. With a snort the stallion bolted. His legs started to turn into a blur. 

Not far off he had seen a thing of trees. Part of the forest. With a whinny he ran to the trees. Leo's body started to turn into a long grey blur. 
Right as he was reaching the trees the stallion felt the first of the pelting rain hit his rump. It stung just a little and started to wash out his wound as he ran, from that buck back in the woods.

He slowed once he hit the tree line. The stallion smiled as he got his breath back. That was a great run. 

His rump was damp from the rain but under the trees he should be fine. Leo noticed that soft plains grass grew under them. The grey horse took a bite and nodded. Not bad..He thought laying down in the soft grass to wait for the rain to stop.

stock :…
Event|Stuck| Leo
An Elk buck emerges from the shadows of the trees and has a smug grin on his face, you must have been watching you the whole time. His antlers look pretty strong, maybe you could ask him for some help? You:

A] Ask him to help
B] Shoo him away

Leo watched as a large bull elk came out of the brush. He at first pined his ears. Elks(namely bulls) where sometimes mean. 
"Hi. Nice to see the face to the voice." Leo said with a snort. He looked at the elk. Its antlers where large. Maybe he could help him?

"Say, care to help a stallion out?" Leo asked looking up at the animal. This could end badly. 
Full Body: 20 Diamonds
Colored: 2 Diamonds
Shaded: 2 Diamonds
Detailed Shading: 5 Diamonds
Detailed Background: 10 Diamonds
Side Quests: 5 Diamonds
count up: 44

Fresh snow has fallen overnight, and the surrounding creatures have grown restless, including Nuts. Snorting in slight irritation as you hear a well-know friendly chatter above your head, the small squirrel shaking the branches above you to gain your attention. "Wanna help a friend out?!" Nut chimed, black eyes flashing eagerly. "I can give you something in exchange" offering you something for your troubles;

Quest D] A Hard Bed. Nuts needs more bedding for his hollow. Could you find some items to make his bed soft? [Reward: Diamonds, RQ, or Item]

DIRPG|Leo| Lead Stallion by Tobuscusfangirl16

Leo's breath puffed out around him as he walked. It was snowing, It was cold, and he was cold. The stallion was walking when he heard a well known sound above him. Looking up the stallion was met with a fat and fluffy squirrel. Its brown bushy tail swished about as he looked down at Leo. 

"Leo!!" The high pitched voice of the little animal said. "Nuts." The grey horse said stopping in the snow and tipping his head back to look at the well known friend. "Leo, you are JUST the stallion i was looking for!!" Nuts yelled in a big show. 

"Uh-huh....And WHY?" Leo asked tipping his head to the side. Nuts tail swished about him. "Well you see Buddy its my back. I can't rightly sleep with my nest. I've run out of bedding. I was hopping-"

"Nope. " Leo said starting to walk away. "But why?!" Nuts asked running in the trees. "Because LAST time i helped out i had thorns in my tail for weeks!!" Leo sad not looking up. 

There was a little chatter. "But Leo! I'll make it worth it! I'll give you something." The stallion stopped and pricked his ears. "Now you will huh?" He was thinking about it. 

"Yay! Anything!" THAT was a lie. But eh, Leo would play along. "Ok, fine. What do you need for your back you fur ball." Nuts chirped and swished his tail.

"Anything soft!" The fur-ball chirped with a smile. Leo sighed and started to walk away, to get Something soft for nuts. "I'll be right back don't run off."

Leo walked off into the woods. Something soft..That didn't have snow all over. The grass was gone, and leaves where NOT gonna work. Most where dead and soggy. The stallion huffed looking around. His ears pricked as he saw a well known forest plant. A fern. It was still growing? Trotting over the stallion nipped off the plant. It was only one but it was a start!

Leo walked around for some time. The fern was the only thing he found. Well crap.. The stallion thought as he was rubbing his rump on a tree. Ugh fur sometimes. As he stopped the horse snorted. 

There was an idea. Horse fur! It was soft,and Leo was rubbing it off like crazy even with the snow. Picking up the fern Leo trotted back to where he left Nuts. The fur-ball sat up from the tree he was on. 

"Only a fern? Thats not gonna work!" He cried. Leo chuckled but nodded his head. "No  have an idea. Come one lets go to the nest." The stallion let the smaller animal rid on his rump, even with his tiny nails. 

They soon came to Nuts hallow where he jumped off and put the fern in his bed. "Now what?" He asked Leo crossing his little fat arms. Leo chuckled and backed up to the nest tree. "Just wait." 

The stallion started to rub him self on the tree. "Hey! HEY!! thats a good idea!!" Nuts said once he saw what Leo was doing. The stallion chuckled and kept on rubbing. Soon grey fur started to fall down in its clumps(like a horse do). 

Leo moved away once he was sure there was a lot of a nest. "Well?" Leo asked as the little animal went down to pick up the fur. "This is great! I don't know why i didn't think of this!" 
"Sometimes you can only be soooo smart." The stallion sassed. "Haha..." The little animal said . 

Once nuts was sent Leo nodded his head. "Now umm..what do i get?"

"Oh right!" Nuts said running to his nest. "Wait right there!!" 

what will Leo get? 

word count: 610
Main Quest| Its This Way!! |Leo
Now that you’ve chosen to travel to the plains, you need to decide which direction you’re going to go. You are currently situated on the largest Isle, North-West on the map. Which direction will you head to, this determines your story line!

A] North
B] East
C] South
D] West

Leo picked his head up. Ears pricked as he looked about him. What way? The stallion asked him self yet again. His eyes closed and the stallion let the pull of the plains tell him where to go..

They whispered in his ears. Opening his brown eyes Leo nodded his head. South. Picking up his feet the grey broke into a trot, Then a run. His grey main and tail like a banner behind him as the stallion bolted in the tall grass.

Leo let out a loud laugh as the freedom over took him. With his head picked up he raced on. The warm sun to show him his way in the grasslands and the wind in his face.

" Lets see where i go with this trail i blaze. " He told himself with his smile.

just small story.

Head shot:2 
Colored: 2 Diamonds
Shaded: 2 Diamonds
Detailed Shading: 5 Diamonds 
Drawn Background: 5 Diamonds
main quest: 10(i think?) 
over all: 16 

You grab hold of the bush, and you have nearly successfully pulled yourself out when the bush gave way, snapping and sending you back into the hole, "Back to square one, aye?" a chirpy voice sounds from the darkness of the shade. You:

A] Panic and start yelling
B] Inquire who is there
C] Tell them to buzz off, that you can do it alone 

   Leo felt a sad cry pry from his lips as the branch snapped. "No!" He sighed feeling his hoof get stuck once more. What was he going to do?

The stallion was just about out of ideas...and Hope.As he was sitting there, kind of in self pity, when a voice Inquired  from the shadows. 

The grey stallion felt his ears pin at the sound. "Whos there?!" He asked. Fear, Shock, and embarrassment. If the stallions face could have flushed it would have. 

The grey looked about at the shadows. There was someone watching him? "couldn't have helped sooner?" He asked in a sarcastic tone swishing his tail and kicking up some dirt. 

Here he was...Trapped..and this voice was watching him! Ugh! With a twitch of his ear the stallion let out a loud huff. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap who ever you are. I am having a bit of a bad day, as you can tell, and i would love to some help to get out."

Leo looked to where the voice had come from. He pricked both ears and picked up his head. "I tried yelling for some time, but no one came to help. I all most got free, as you seen. But i still can't get out. Do you have an idea how to free my self?" 

The sun was starting to get higher and Leo's voice was giving out from all his yelling. He needed some water to help with that. A large cough came from him as he kicked up some more dust with his tail. Ugh this pun there.. The stallion sighed. 

With the hot blistering sun and the mud trapping him there Leo felt like his only hope was on this chipper voices owner. The stallion laid his head down for a minute trying to think.

The stallion couldn't pick up a sent on the voices owner so he couldn't tell if it was a horse or another animal or even a friendly thing. He hoped it was. Maybe a kind soul to help him? Gosh he didn't know.... 

"Please?" He asked looking back up at the shadows. 

word count: 354

No one seems to hear you.  Perhaps you should try for the bush or kicking your leg free?  You;
A) Keep yelling.
B) Try to be resourceful and grab hold of the bush on your left and try and pull your left free.
C) Kick your leg in hopes you can break up the mud.

Leo sighed. Looks like no one was coming to help him...Great.
The stallion looked about him in vain hope for something. There! just in his rang was a deep rooted bush! The stallion pulled as much as he could on his leg and bite the branch of the bush. With his teeth locked on the grey horse started to pull him self.

He could hear the mud trapping him making sucking sounds. Was that good or bad? God what if he was trapped her for to long? He could die here...

"Not...Gonna...Happen!!" He growled to him self huffing and puffing as he pulled on the brush to free his leg. The wet feeling of the mud was coating the grays leg as he pulled.

"Don't snap." He told the bush in a small joke. The sun only made this all the harder with its heat. What once was warm light now felt hot and almost over baring. A small hope sparked in Leo as he felt the mud gave way. But what if the mud was harder then he thought? Or the bush was to weak? He had to stop thinking of this!! Leo would get out. He had too! The stallion put all of his will power into pulling him self up. He wasn't gong down this easy! Not now, not ever!
With that mind set he grunted.

Leo's grey coat was starting to shine with sweat. His body was getting a little tried. But he wouldn't give up!
With a loud huff the stallion twisted his head to get a better bite of the branch. "Come on... Come on!!" He said in hope. "Please work!!"

word count: 270

37 deviations
I vote that build a bear brings back/adds more HTTYD stuff toys because i need more in my life and where can i get a stuff toy Amp i need something to love when my cat and dogs are being butts!


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hello once again my lovely people! <3

my name is super long on this page,so please just call me TB. its way easier for all of us!

I am a young artist who dreams of making it big. be it in my art or in my stories(or like both XD)

a little, or a lot about me :3

I have been drawing,painting,and do any thing with art(be it singing,dancing, or the art of working with animals) from the day I could walk and talk.
I love all animals, big or small, and care for them like my own when I have them.
i have been wanting to go an work with animals for a living but, nothing really gets my eye.

i am taking collage courses(nothing fancy just my freshmen junk XD)

I have animals of my own, as you can tell when you go around and look at my gallery's.

i have other names on other pages so, if you see a girl called Ali-cat, its me don't worry. :3

i enjoy drawing,and have had a deep rooted love for it . i really love drawing dragons, and yup horses. Animals with a feeling of power always made me love them.

as you can see, i am a girl.

i am an RPG girl <3 be it HRPG,DRPG or what ever i really like it. I do rps with closed people so if you want to rp note me! :D

i am really into the fandoms of
Jurassic world
HTTYD(all the tv shows and movies. still getting books)
Dr.Who and TMNT(both the 2014/2016 movies and the 12 TV show that runs <3 (ok, so the 2016 is my fav. I mean EEE <3 )

just to name some off.

some stamps of my favs

Jurassic World Stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker Jurassic World: Indominus Rex Stamp by Chimiere

I love Tyrannosaurus Rex by WishmasterAlchemist How to Train Your Dragon Stamp by LoudNoises

*unhuman fangirl sounds of happiness * Steve Rogers/Captain America Stamp by milkwiffcookies

don't know if you can tell or not butttt I'm kind of a
Marvel Comics Captain America Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman

but wait...whats this? Winter Soldier Stamp by romero1718

*La gasp*

Stamp: TMNT-OotS - Halloween by TMNT-Raph-fan

Stamp: TMNT-OotS - Human by TMNT-Raph-fan

Stamp: TMNT-OotS - Take Out by TMNT-Raph-fan

just some other little things about me

Fanartist Stamp by Feniiku

The Log-out Stamp by Busiris

Horse stamp by xMashykax

Horse lover Stamp by Mister-MX

The Avengers Stamp by QueenJulien

Proud to be a Nerd Stamp by CassiusOS

Panic At The Disco by MnkyJen90210

THISS>>>>>>>>> Hamilton Cover Icon by DorkyAF <<<<<<<


art info

FREE FOR USE: Commisssions Status: Open by ChishioOchita Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

thank you! :D

have any thoughts or want to tell me something? drop me a line, or a note! thanks!


Horse head shots
Head shots\ bust of horse(s) with full background and shading of the buyers likening!
Real and DA breeds welcome!


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