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winter Blossoms by Tobuscusfangirl16 winter Blossoms :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 3 2 SSOTC | Soul| by Tobuscusfangirl16 SSOTC | Soul| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 2 8 Smoke and Mirrors by Tobuscusfangirl16 Smoke and Mirrors :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 0 0 Apply butts 4days |trade pay off| by Tobuscusfangirl16 Apply butts 4days |trade pay off| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 4 2 We Are Like Young Volcano's |ASO| by Tobuscusfangirl16 We Are Like Young Volcano's |ASO| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 6 4 Set The Pace | ASO| by Tobuscusfangirl16 Set The Pace | ASO| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 3 0 Mixi Howling by Tobuscusfangirl16 Mixi Howling :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 2 0 Trade part|CastingShadows| by Tobuscusfangirl16 Trade part|CastingShadows| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 2 4 VRS 7 Of 9's Dreamy Rose by Tobuscusfangirl16 VRS 7 Of 9's Dreamy Rose :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 4 3 Battle of the Gods!|Leo/Liberty training by Tobuscusfangirl16 Battle of the Gods!|Leo/Liberty training :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 3 2 WWL Event|Leo | Saved by Grey by Tobuscusfangirl16 WWL Event|Leo | Saved by Grey :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 3 10 Main Quest| A Little time out| Leo/herd by Tobuscusfangirl16 Main Quest| A Little time out| Leo/herd :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 2 3 Trade to Bleskobleska by Tobuscusfangirl16 Trade to Bleskobleska :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 4 5 ID| Zoey Alpha| by Tobuscusfangirl16 ID| Zoey Alpha| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 7 2 Early Morning Hottie's | LC show extra drawing| by Tobuscusfangirl16 Early Morning Hottie's | LC show extra drawing| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 4 11 I Smell Blood|LC Hunt class| by Tobuscusfangirl16 I Smell Blood|LC Hunt class| :icontobuscusfangirl16:Tobuscusfangirl16 3 9


I swear, it was supposed to be a sketch by ChiiChii97 I swear, it was supposed to be a sketch :iconchiichii97:ChiiChii97 39 20
Eltopis Work
Customs/ Imports
Customs will only be open a few days of each month, and Close to big events.
When ordering a Custom you must have a design in mind, along with
a personality trait, and anything else you'd like. If you bought something
from the black market such as Horniculious, please note that in the Other section.
We will gladly apply the mutation.
With customs you may only order 2 max. at a time.
After both have a full reference with their info your free to order more.
Imports are Always Different, Eltopis is prideful of the different imports
No two imports will look the same. I will never make any markings or poses too similar.
I believe in originality, So when you look through our imports, you'll see
everyone is different. No two feathers are alike.
After Claiming an import you have 30 days to create a Ref of it. Then you will be given 1 warning. After that we will ask a Registration Fee. This is to keep people From
Mas-Hoarding. Remember that each Import comes with 1 perso
:iconfox-skin:Fox-Skin 2 0
Eltopis design by Fox-Skin Eltopis design :iconfox-skin:Fox-Skin 11 10
Sunfall RPG- Looking for help
So, rebooting an old Idea I had awhile back bc I miss it.
Here's a link to the doc of what I have so far
It's gonna be a Steampunk themed thing with quest lines, lore, World building, and all that good stuff.
SO with that said, I'm looking for a few people to help me out! I will potentially be able to pay you in cash as I start my new Job in the next week or so c: If you'd rather, I can offer group perks such as extra character slots, XP boosts, ect c:
Some roles are more permanent than others but any and all help is appreciated!
Please don't apply if you're not serious about helping out, or don't have the time to. :c
There is no deadline to apply. Applications will be open for all jobs and I will hire as needed.
• All applicants must be at least 18 years of age
• Having a discord is highly preferred, as I'm on there constantly, but
:iconflamestorm11:Flamestorm11 1 1
A Rainy Morning Ride #054-A by SilverBrooke-Stables A Rainy Morning Ride #054-A :iconsilverbrooke-stables:SilverBrooke-Stables 2 0 DiRPG | Aging Meme by DeerCrossing DiRPG | Aging Meme :icondeercrossing:DeerCrossing 21 2 DiRPG | Gender-Bender Meme by DeerCrossing DiRPG | Gender-Bender Meme :icondeercrossing:DeerCrossing 17 6
Event Registration
You hold in your hands a brown envelope, delivered just this morning by a courier on a fast tokota.
The paper is envelope is hefty - whatever's inside must be many pages long - and it's sealed with wax, the emblem showing the official seal of the TCA.
It bears signatures from both a Chief Thunderfeather and a Professor Mitchell on the back side.
You carefully break the seal, and pull out a thick packet of folded paper...

    Strictly private and confidential
    RE: ID-264751TC

    To whom it may concern,
This letter is being sent out on behalf of the Tokotna Cultural Association (TCA) to all registered tokota handlers in Tokotna state and surrounding counties. If you have received this letter in error, please disregard it.
Several years ago, the TCA ventured into the Tartok Mountains on a special expedition to set up a research base to study the native tokota population in greater detail. Though the expedition
:iconevents-of-tokotna:Events-Of-Tokotna 27 252
The so called lineart by cottondragon The so called lineart :iconcottondragon:cottondragon 570 20 Wolves family by hecatehell Wolves family :iconhecatehell:hecatehell 741 199 wolf lineart by akreon wolf lineart :iconakreon:akreon 2,519 621 Spirit base 47 .:request:. by derp8675309 Spirit base 47 .:request:. :iconderp8675309:derp8675309 27 2 Spirit Base 107 by derp8675309 Spirit Base 107 :iconderp8675309:derp8675309 27 2 Spirit base 126 by derp8675309 Spirit base 126 :iconderp8675309:derp8675309 22 1 Sister from another Mister | CLOSED by FeatherCandy Sister from another Mister | CLOSED :iconfeathercandy:FeatherCandy 31 31 Lines15 by konikfryzyjski Lines15 :iconkonikfryzyjski:konikfryzyjski 114 22
because, I love a lot of things <3
and I love to see art or stories people put their hearts into


Tobuscusfangirl16's Profile Picture
Ali-Cat The Nerd
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey everyone! My name is Tobuscusfangirl16(TOBUS-CUS!) i know XD
just call my Toby <3

I am a young artist who dreams of making it big. be it in my art or in my stories(or like both XD)

a little, or a lot about me :3

I have been drawing,painting,and do any thing with art(be it singing,dancing, or the art of working with animals) from the day I could walk and talk.
I love all animals, big or small, and care for them like my own when I have them.
i have been wanting to go an work with animals for a living but, nothing really gets my eye.

i am taking collage courses(nothing fancy just my freshmen junk XD)

I have animals of my own, as you can tell when you go around and look at my gallery's.

i have other names on other pages so, if you see a girl called Ali-cat, its me don't worry. :3

i enjoy drawing,and have had a deep rooted love for it . i really love drawing dragons, and yup horses. Animals with a feeling of power always made me love them.

as you can see, i am a girl.

i am an RPG girl <3 be it HRPG,DRPG or what ever i really like it. I do rps with closed people so if you want to rp note me! :D

i am really into the fandoms of
Jurassic world
HTTYD(all the tv shows and movies. still getting books)
Dr.Who and TMNT(both the 2014/2016 movies and the 12 TV show that runs <3 (ok, so the 2016 is my fav. I mean EEE <3 )

just to name some off.

some stamps of my favs

Impala by deaddoq Sam Winchester - Dean Winchester by deaddoq

Supernatural Stamp by katcombs Supernatural Folder Stamp by katcombs

Supernatural stamp by VKN64 HUG ME! by NerdyDudeWithWings

My ride is a 1967 Impala Stamp by RoseOnYourNose Supernatural Season 10 Stamp by Cammerel

I love Tyrannosaurus Rex by WishmasterAlchemist How to Train Your Dragon Stamp by LoudNoises

*unhuman fangirl sounds of happiness * Steve Rogers/Captain America Stamp by milkwiffcookies

don't know if you can tell or not butttt I'm kind of a
Marvel Comics Captain America Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman

but wait...whats this? Winter Soldier Stamp by romero1718

*La gasp*

Stamp: TMNT-OotS - Halloween by TMNT-Raph-fan

Stamp: TMNT-OotS - Human by TMNT-Raph-fan

Stamp: TMNT-OotS - Take Out by TMNT-Raph-fan

just some other little things about me

Fanartist Stamp by Feniiku

The Log-out Stamp by Busiris

Horse stamp by xMashykax

Horse lover Stamp by Mister-MX

The Avengers Stamp by QueenJulien

Proud to be a Nerd Stamp by CassiusOS

Panic At The Disco by MnkyJen90210

I'm a Gamer Girl - Stamp by RomysStuff

I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin

Art makes me ... Stamp by Mel-Rosey

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear

THISS>>>>>>>>> Hamilton Cover Icon by DorkyAF <<<<<<<


art info

FREE FOR USE: Commisssions Status: Open by ChishioOchita Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Other info!
I Write Fanfics Stamp by KisumiKitsune I Have an OC Stamp by KisumiKitsune

Open Adoptables by Enjoumou Ask Roleplays by Enjoumou

I am an EXPERIENCED Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsune I am a PARAGRAPH Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsune

thank you! :D

have any thoughts or want to tell me something? drop me a line, or a note! thanks!


33 deviations
SSOTC | Soul|
Name : Two Souls

Nicknames: Soul

Meaning Of Name: A spirit

Age:  7
Hands: 15 hh
Breed: Mustang

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: meh?

Friends: open!!!

Mate: none

      Love Interest: open?

Crushes: none

 Crushers: none

Personality:  Soul is
loving| kind| heart of gold| leader| wild butt| funny| sassy and snarky| protective| smart| goofy| born runner| flirt

Enjoys: working, running, golfing off, flirting,swimming,summer, group hunting party's, long sunny days, much much more

Rejects: bullies, stallion's that hurt others, whips, the army, blood from hurt, hurting others. more

Fears: lighting storms, whips,branders,

Herd:  none

Ranking:  tribe horse
Tribe: Raven tribe

bio:(work with me on a tablet!}
Soul was born to a wild herd. his mother was a harm made and his sire the leader. he was born with a very odd coat. as a colt others thought he was cursed .

when he was two he was kicked out of his herd like all young stallions. Soul was soon on his own. he did well up on tell a year later when the army got him. he was forced into a rope and a brand on his shoulder. Hair clipped and made to work. Soul was called oddy in the army for his color.they hopped to breed him so he was never cut.

A tribe one night broke the horses out. he was taken back and they worked with him. Soul was soon called Two Souls because he looked like two horses where in him for his color. he was given to a young brave was a gift after a small battle . he is a war horse\riding horse.

no bases. screen short from SSOTC as well as background.
art is mine! you may not use!!!!!
Smoke and Mirrors
Level: 0
Name: xxx
Breed: Forest horse
Line: mountain
*Type: Ellentler (Pacific draft)
Sex: xxx
Coat color: black
Markings: clouds
Age: xxx
Breeder: Brissinge 
Rider: xxx

Stock: Non
Ok, so i've seen this around before, and have been really wanting to try!
This is a thing about some artist I lok up to/love. I can not list everyone sadly i wouldn't have room. I love a lot of peoples art and most if not all i talk about here have helped me even if they don't know it :3 
I'm going to start now.

This person right here is amazing. They where one of the first on the Even War horse group to talk to me and really make what i feel like is an effort to get to know me and be friendly :happybounce: 
Cast is an amazing person and has always kind of been there to help me out even when they don't know it. Be it feed back on a drawing or just being a goof! FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon Heart Love 

#2: Jasper-19 
I'm not gonna lie. Jasper kind of scars me sometimes . (I'm a shy person any ways) Its not one their fault :3 I'm just a mouse. When i first got to meet Jasper it was when i was getting my babe Winter from her. I was super shy yet hyped about joining a group with this breed i had been seeing all over Google. I had 0 idea what this horned horse was or would turn my life into.

When i found the group/info page on them i was hooked and was just floored by the style and grace they put into their work. Like a horse breed with horns and a long fluffy tail?   amazing! Her art is just jaw dropping and i have always been a fan. When ever i see a drawing of a markhorse they do i know i can work hard and someday be like them!FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon 

#3: Myval-miki 
Ok, This young (you are most likely older then me but meh lol) Peep right here is just so cool. I ran into them when i was getting a horse i named Wrath(my sassy butt) Even if i don't talk to them as much, they are always so kind and nice. I am always happy to feel like they care about my thoughts, and always say such nice things about me :3 
Their arts like, omg. Like gurrll how you do that lighting tho? FREE flying hearts Icon Heart Love 

#4: Brissinge 
Ok. So (a lot of this starts the same sorry) When i met Brissinges they where helping me join WOC and get my mounts set up. I was a small noob with no idea what i was doing. I just wanted that Winter horse lol 
Any ways. This person has made me push my self harder in many ways to draw. I always have people i want to be like when i grow up and their one of them Love 
Every time i see a drawing, or a contest i am hooked . They have been nothing but kind and thats why they are amazing ClapFREE flying hearts Icon 

#5(I'm gonna stop here for now) TheChotta 
Ok, ok, ok. I first saw her art by chance. Just roaming DA. I thought her horse drawings where just to pretty and again i wanna be like her when i grown up. 
I hit the watch button so hard it just about snapped my laptop. 
Her style was easy for me to fall in love with.

Then one day, after some time of watching her art, she added ME to her watch list! ME?! A small nerd who thinks she can't draw for crap. Now you all should know, when some one like any of the people above adds me to a watch and tells me they like my style i'm just about dead. 
My family was so done with me because i was ranting on about how amazing it was to have someone like her watch me and hen ask for to draw her horse for a small thing of points. I worked my tail off in that(This is when i'm still getting lighting down lol) I wanted to like knock her off her feet and be like yes, i can do this!!

Over time Chotta has kind of become what i would say a friend(at lest on my end idk how they feel). Their just so amazing and so funny. I always push my self to be better and work herder on my drawing because of her Waaaah! Sweating a little... Nod FREE flying hearts Icon 
TBH Shes kind of like my hero(i still love everyone tho!!!!) 

So i hope you all like my little thing. I will be adding more here and there for more people ^^ Just can't do them all.Heart Love 

The evening grows orange and pink and soon turns dark and cloudy, the moon disappearing into the coulds, and you need to find shelter or continue on into the darkness. The clouds have a dark tinge to them, threatening with rain, so you...

A] Rest for the night
B] Continue on through the darkness


While sipping at the lake's water, you notice an owl struggling to get out of the water. It looks exhausted and stressed. You...

A] Help it!
B] Ignore it

(I'm putting them in one thing because it just flows right) 


DIRPG|Leo| Lead Stallion

DiRPG Mare | Claimed | Aella
and Bull who don't have a ref : / 


The small herd and stayed by the little lake for sometime.Leo, the lead stallion , shook his grey scared head. 
"Its getting late." He said out loud to Bull and Aella. The chestnut mare picked up her head and snorted. Her mane turning gold in the falling light. 

"And what should we do?" She asked in a sassy tone. The stallion snorted arching his neck and pawing the ground in thought. "The herd will sleep here for the night. In the tree line. It will be better. Bull, could you help Aella find a soft and safe place." The young male elk nodded his head and walked to the close trees.

Leo was going to get a drink before he went to watch over his band. As he got closer to the water and loud cry for help sounded. The stallion snorted, picking up his ears and running to the water side. In the lake a large barn owl was trying to get out. 

It looked dead tried and like it was fighting for its life all day. Walking swiftly into the water and picked up the bird with his left front leg. The animal gasped for air and uttered a little "Thank you" As Leo softly used his teeth to carry it back to land. 

He set it down right as Aella came rushing out of the trees, Bull hot on her heels.
"I tried to keep her in the tree Leo!" He said with a sigh. Aella snorted, flicking her long mane.

"I heard someone yelling for help! Is everything alright?" She asked, seeing Leo set down a half dead owl. "Is it ok?" Aella asked worried. Leo snorted leaning down and starting to brush his muzzle on the owl.

"I think its just tried. Why don't we take it to The trees with us? just for now." The stallion told his small herd. He picked the owl back up and walked with the others to hid under the trees. 
It was still cold, as winter was here and coming in. 

The stallion snorted as he curled up with Aella and bull.They all tried to keep the owl warm. The sun was going down and it was getting colder. Snow started to fall. 

"Do you think we will ever make it to another island?" Aella asked placing her muzzle on top of Leo's neck.The stallion snorted. He had no idea if they would. Every one know the land was made up of many islands. But would they make it off this one?

Leo sighed. "I don't know. I plan on it." He said with a small laugh. The chestnut beside him sighed thoughtfully. 

"I hope we do. This island isn't a place  planed on staying for to long." Leo nodded. 
He put his ears up as the owl started to wake up. 

Maybe he would find out what had happened? Bull snorted softly from the other side of Aella and looked at the owl. 
"Always finding odd balls aren't we Leo." 
"Oh hush up you!" The stallion laughed thinking of how true it was. He had found Bull and Aella. The owl opened it yellow eyes and looked about. 

"Where Am I?" It asked turning its head around fully. That kind of always creeped Leo out a little. Aella softly muzzled the owl and snorted. "Your in the tree line not far off from the lake you fell into." The mare told the heart faced thing. "Your fine. Just a little wet. We had to take you back with us so you didn't die." 

The two male animals huffed a little. Females. So much drama.
The night got colder and the snow started to pick up a little as the herd talked to the barn owl. 
Mixi by Tobuscusfangirl16


Apply butts 4days |trade pay off|
trade to Torro-Torro for some horses. here's their apply babe out being a doof. lol
sorry if the spots are off in some things, I SUCK at appys x'D

I did all but one in a real looking style, there is one in a SSOTC style! (nope not a base, screen shot from movie!)

stock:TBA Because I got to find all my links(I lose things.sigh)
Any body know of an HRPG group thats wild west and let you use what ever mount?(or just any HRPG) Most of them look to be closed/dead and i wanna draw more of the ponies out and being in groups ^^
We Are Like Young Volcano's |ASO|
Horse name: 

Winter Soldiers Dream Girl |Mark horse Mare

Horse age: 6
Rider name: Addison Rogers 
Stable name: Dragon Tear Stables 
Class entered: 2 Day Run 
Entry: You are here!
Extra images: WIP
Story to come~
But, i've never been happier! i feel like its really good, and i asked some people around and they said it was ok? I hope, omg. But yes, this is three four maybe more days of drawing, working, trying to shade, and just working on Winter butt.

Thank you FOB for the song to help me draw this <3(its the drawing title too) 
Ok, two down one more to go for this show! I can do this!!!!

Set The Pace | ASO|
Horse name: 

Winter Soldiers Dream Girl |Mark horse Mare

Horse age: 6
Rider name: Addison Rogers 
Stable name: Dragon Tear Stables 
Class entered: 2 Day Run 
Entry: You are here!
Extra images: WIP


The hot blistering heat was like hell. The only good thing was the stiff breeze that would pick up from running. Addison let out a huff as she felt her Markhorse mare Winter running below her.  

It was only four hours into the run and they both where felling the heat. Addison had  put both her and Winter(along with one other friend and his horse) Into a show called The 3rd Apollonian show.It was out in the middle of a blasting dessert of Evenland. 

The blue roan mare below her snorted, hot breath mixing in the air. "I know girl. I know." Both where thinking how they would rather be in the forest then out here. But this was a once a year show and after missing it last year Addison HAD to try out. 

Looking around the blue eyed girl thought maybe that was a bad idea. Nothing but hot red and light colored sand out there. The hot sun, and the long days.

This two day run was gonna be killer. Both horse and rider already had marks from the hot sun on them. Addison could feel a sun burn already.

Most riders thought she was crazy for not wearing more. But Addison had did her work. She knew it was worse, but if she even tried to have anything besides the work shirt on she would over heat. And Winter was having NONE of it with more then the tack she had. 

It was quite for some time, until the sound of other hooves started to echo behind them. Turning Addison could just see another rider. 
"Come on girl,lets set this pace." 

Short story, sorry!

Ok so yes, waiting way to long to work on my drawings and being bad! But ya! Racing!! 
Addison and Winter back at it again!!  X D 

Stock used for a ref:…

Mixi Howling
so i havn't really tried to draw any of my two Tokotas. But i really wanted to do something for Mixi anyways. I have been working on howling wolf drawings and thought hey, their kind of the same right? Even if i can get a base idea down it would help XD

So i did kind of a fast headshot, with a real fast background for her. Wanted to make the northen lights in the background and stars. I may add on to it sometime, you never know with me! XD 
*Gasp!* Look whos behind on all her shows...again XD This is what happens kids when you bite off more then you can deal with 
#Sorrynotsorry #Iwillmakeit #Donttrythisathome 


Horse head shots
Head shots\ bust of horse(s) with full background and shading of the buyers likening!
Real and DA breeds welcome!


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